General Interest: ASPE eNews Blog Passes 50000 Click Milestone

General Interest: ASPE eNews Blog Passes 50000 Click Milestone
By: Todd Lash, Publications Committee Chair

The ASPE eNews Blog launched on May 22, 2017, and in July 2018 surpassed the 50,000 click milestone. As of July 18, 2018, 126 articles had been published on the blog, and the total number of times readers had clicked on those entries was 54,966. Among those 126 entries, more than half (66) have been viewed more than 400 times! While we do not know if that number translates explicitly to 400 readers, since a single reader who views the same article repeatedly would count as multiple clicks, it stands to reason that we have a significant number of readers who are visiting the blog. Among the top 20 entries with the most views, the most popular content categories are entries about ASPE and its affiliates (8) and Research Articles (5). The all-time most popular entry, with 1765 views, is an essay written by an SP. The top 20 entries with the most views, with licks to the top 5, are listed below:



Essay: A Standardized Patient’s Medical Journey – When Art Imitates Life


Introducing the ASPE eNews Blog


Media Article: I’ve seen over 8000 medical professionals – here’s what I’ve learned


The ASPE Standards of Practice are Live!


Media Article: Pretend Patients Getting Paid to Play Sick


Media Article: How Anesthesia Residents Fare When Breaking Bad News to a Patient – 4 study insights


Looking forward to the 2017 ASPE Conference, Alexandria, VA


Poster Winners: 2017 ASPE Conference


Research Article: Impact of standardized patients on the training of medical students to manage emergencies


Research Article: Meeting the Primary Care Needs of Transgender Patients Through Simulation


Healthcare in Simulation Week 2017


ASPE Conference 2017 By the Numbers


Editorial: Standardized Patients: It’s All in the Works


General Interest: Med Students Create App to Connect LGBTQ Patient, Inclusive Doctors


Immersive Training Experience Helps Teach Safe Opioid Prescribing


Research Article: Assessing the Performance and Satisfaction of Medical Residents Utilizing Standardized Patient Versus Mannequin-simulated Training


Research Article: Effects of Communication Skills Training (CST) Based on SPIKES for Insurance-Covered Pharmacy Pharmacists to Interact with Simulated Cancer Patients


Spotlight on Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


SP Video: Why Hospitals Hire People to Fake Being Sick


Member Submissions: Life Hacks for the SP Educator


From the Publications Committee members to all ASPE members: Thank you for reading!

Publications Committee Mission: “To bring high quality reporting of current research, trends, techniques and information regarding SP methodology and other relevant industry articles to the attention of the membership through the web-based ASPE eNews blog.”

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