ASPE Outstanding Educator Awards

In recognition of the outstanding talent within ASPE, we annually honor two ASPE members with educator awards. The first award is the "Outstanding Educator of the Year” Award" and the second award is the “Emerging Leader of the Year" award.

Nominations are sought each year a few months before our annual conference. We encourage both self-nominations and the nomination of worthy colleagues.

The award is decided upon by a committee of former recipients who are selected by the president of ASPE. Past recipients of the Outstanding Educator Award have been involved in human simulation education for more than seven years, have made significant contributions to the community, and are recognized as leaders within their own institution, the community, and in national and international organizations.

In 2013, a new award was developed in recognition of the Emerging Leader who has less than ten (10) years in working with the human simulation methodology, has made significant contributions at the ASPE conference and ASPE committee(s), and is recognized as an up-and-coming leader in the profession.

2024 ASPE Outstanding SP Educator Award
2024 ASPE Emerging Leader Award

In recognition of the outstanding talent within ASPE, we annually honor two individual ASPE members through the ASPE Outstanding SP Educator Award and the Emerging Leader Award.

Below are the criteria to be eligible for each award:

ASPE Outstanding SP Educator Award

  • Be an active member of ASPE;
  • Have been involved in SP education/training for ten (10) years or more;
  • Have made a significant contribution to the SP community by providing professional development and/or guidance to newcomers in the field; and
  • Be recognized as a leader by working with varying levels of faculty within one's own institution, the SP community, and in national or international organizations (ASPE, AAMC, CAME, NBME, ECFMG, SSH, INACSL, AMEE, SESAM, ASPiH, etc).

ASPE Emerging Leader Award

  • Be an active member of ASPE;
  • Have been involved in SP education/training for less than ten (10) years;
  • Have made significant contributions to the ASPE community at ASPE conferences; and
  • Have made contributions to an ASPE committee.

 Outstanding SP Educator, Past Recipients:


Carrie A. Bohnert, MPA, CHSE

University of Louisville School of Medicine


Dena Higbee, EdS, CHSE

University of Missouri - Shelden Clinical Simulation Center

2021 Valerie L. Fulmer, BA

University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine

2021 Denise LaMarra, MS, CHSE Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
2021 Meghana Sudhir, MSN, MBA, CHSE-A, AFAMEE, RN, RM Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences
2020 Tamara L. Owens, Ph.D., M.Ed., CHSE Howard University Simulation & Clinical Skills Center
2019 Melih Elçin, MD, MSc, CHSE Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine
2018 Diane Ferguson  University of Texas Health San Antonio
2017 Karen Lewis, Ph.D. George Washington University School of Medicine
2016 Jane Lindsay Miller, Ph.D. University of Minneapolis
2015 Kris Slawinski The University of Chicago
2014 Wendy Gammon University of Massachusetts Medical School
2014 Grace Gephardt Arkansas Childrens Hospital
2013 Catherine Smith University of Toronto; Consultant
2012 Jennie Struijk University of Washington School of Medicine
2011 Cate Nicholas University of Vermont
2010 Jan-Joost Rethans Maastricht University, Netherlands
2009 Rachel Yudkowsky University of Illinois, Chicago
2008 Karen Szauter University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston
2007 Heidi Lane East Carolina University
2006 Mary Cantrell University of Arkansas
2005 Ann King National Board of Medical Examiners
2005 Sidney Smee Medical Council of Canada
2004 Carol Pfeiffer University of Connecticut
2003 Peggy Wallace, Ph.D. University of California San Diego
2002 Anja Robb University of Toronto
2001 Linda Morrison Southern Illinois University
2000 Delia Anderson Tulane University
1999 Linda Perkowski University of Minnesota
1998 Gayle Gliva McConvey Eastern Virginia Medical School


Emerging Leader, Past Recipients:

2023 Kerensa Peterson, MFA, MS University of California Riverside
2022 Amber Snyder, Ed.D University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work
2021 Cory Krebsbach, BFA, CHSE Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
2020 Joseph M. Miller, BS, CHSE University of Minnesota - M Simulation
2019 Margaret Liu, Ph.D., MBA University of Michigan School of   Dentistry
2018 Todd Lash  Ohio State University College of Medicine 
2017 Nita Skillman, MBA Elon University School of Health Sciences
2016 Gina Shannon, MA Emory University School of Medicine
2015 Angela D. Blood Rush University
2014 Carrie Bohnert University Of Louisville
2013 Amelia Wallace Eastern Virginia Medical School