The health of an organization is measured by its by-laws. ASPE's By-laws provide the organization with a solid operating foundation yet still allow the flexibility required in an ever-changing field.

Click here for ASPE Bylaws Revised November 2015.


2019 Bylaw Changes 

August 5, 2019

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the results of the proposed Bylaw Amendments that were put forth to the membership earlier this month.



To review the current proposed Bylaw Amendments that have
been put forth for your consideration and action


As announced at the ASPE Annual Conference, the Call for Nominations to serve on the ASPE Board of Directors is now underway.

Consider the future you want for ASPE and then GET ACTIVE by submitting a nomination! Or, start a path toward serving on the board by becoming an active member of a committee!  We WANT YOU to join our team to make this the most member-friendly, inclusive organization it can be!  

The positions open are:

Vice President for Operations: The Vice President for operations is now a three-year elected position, responsible for overseeing the association’s daily operations and affiliate relationships.  The first two years are as the acting Vice President. The third-year is an advisory year to assist the incoming vice president and ensure greater continuity​ in the transfer of responsibilities.  This year will involve presence on the Executive Committee (EC) and board calls but travel to the face-to-face board of director meetings is not required. 

International Member Liaison: A new position for this year. The candidate must come from outside the US or Canada and represent the International community on the board of directors. The candidate must be able to travel to face-to-face meetings in person and be present on the Board of Directors conference calls. Member Liaisons complete a project for the benefit of members.  If no international person is nominated, any active member can run for the position after the deadline. At that point, the International position will be kept open for the next year. Potential projects include:

  • Capturing an oral history of SP methodology by building a library of interviews
  • Capturing the development of SP programs around the world to highlight ASPE’s international partners
  • Developing new resources for the members-only area of the website
  • Expanding content in the Virtual Library on special topics (e.g., moulage, inter-professional education, compiling FAQs from the list-serve)

Service on the board requires the individual:

  • To attend a monthly, one to two-hour Board of Director's call.  The Vice President for Operations will also attend two additional Executive Committee Meeting calls each month. 
  • To travel to and participate in two face-to-face retreats per year (after IMSH and before ASPE Annual).
  • To complete additional outside work on projects that benefit members.  Hours spent on these projects differ by committee and project.
  • To be a current ASPE member at the time of nomination and through Board service.

Please see full descriptions of these positions posted below: 

VP for Operations            International Member Liaison           Common Board Requirements  


To nominate yourself or a colleague, contact ASPE Headquarters by emailing [email protected] using the Subject Line: ASPE 2020 Nominations by 11:59 pm ET on Friday, September 6, 2019.

Thank you for considering serving ASPE’s membership and our profession.

Tonya M. Thompson, MD, MA, FAAP, FACEP
Vice President for Operations