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Why was ASPE's Center for SP Methodology created?

Course One: Fundamentals for SP Methodology

Lessons Include:

  1. ASPE Standards of Best Practice: Introduction and Application

  2. History of SP Methodology

  3. Recruiting & Hiring SPs

  4. Introduction to SP Case Development

  5. Training SPs to Teach Physical Exams

  6. Teaching SPs to Deliver Feedback

  7. Training Novice SPs

  8. Writing Objectives for SP Simulations

  9. How to Construct an SP Checklist 

  10. Evaluation of SP Performance

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Are You Ready to Take Course One: Fundamentals of SP Methodology Certificate Exam?

ASPE is pleased to provide a new certificate examination as a tangible, quality member benefit to all who desire evidence of knowledge of the ASPE lesson material and ASPE’s Standards of Best Practice (SOBP). Successful completion of the certificate exam may be added to your CV or resume as proof to institutions and other stakeholders of your mastery of basic knowledge of SP methodology and application of the SOBP specifically related to the work of SP Educators. The ASPE certificate exam is the culmination of hours of volunteer committee efforts to keep ASPE members in the forefront of the field of SP methodology.  

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