2022 Modules Project

The ASPE Modules Project seeks to facilitate the development of individual courses or workshops specifically designed for presentations at institutions, organizations, and conferences on behalf of ASPE. After completion, modules are recommended to the Center for SP Methodology for completion as Lessons for future course content in SP Methodology. These modules reflect standards of best practice in the field of SP Methodology, and at this time, are generally applicable to novice audiences.

Through curriculum development, authors have the opportunity to educate and connect with other SP Educators around the world. Developers highlight their knowledge and expertise as content experts in various areas of SP methodology. Actively participating at this level positively impacts an author's professional CV or resume and enhances professional development through collaboration with other ASPE members. In return, by emphasizing best practices in the industry, authors demonstrate community, collaboration, and core values of the Association of SP Educators.

A contractual agreement is established between module authors and ASPE assuring future authorship recognition; however, final module content will belong to ASPE. Authors may submit multiple curriculum abstracts both collaboratively and/or individually. 

Please note: Module development includes following specific PowerPoint and Presentation Manual guidelines. Accepted authors may be asked to provide and present a modified presentation of their module during the annual conference. 

Submitted modules are reviewed according to established rubrics by a panel of ASPE peers who serve on the Modules 2.0 Committee. For more information or to inquire about ASPE service on this committee visit the ASPE Committees page

Curriculum Call for Authors

The Curriculum Call for Authors has now closed. For more information please contact the Modules 2.0 Ad Hoc Committee Chair, Clare Shaffer, HERE