ASPE Listserv 

The ASPE listserv is designed to provide you with an easy way to network, connect and share with your peers and colleagues.You will be able to access resources that aide in the growth of your career and that of your institution or center. The listserv is available to current members as an enhancement to our growing list of member-only benefits. 

To engage in the listserv simply email your question or comment to the following address: [email protected]. All current ASPE members will receive the query. It’s that simple!

Listserv Etiquette


  1. Professional, respectful language is expected at all times.
  2. Do not post commercial messages on the Listserv.
  3. Do not discuss SP/staff salaries or program fees.
  4. Include a signature tag with your e-mail address on all messages.
  5. When posting ensure the subject line is clear and meaningful.
  6. When responding to a message make sure your comments are at the top. Include only the relevant portions of the original message in your reply.
  7. Do not send messages like “Thank you,” “I agree,” “I would be interested in that.”
  8. When you hit the reply button you are responding to the entire listserv. Only do this if your response benefits everybody in the conversation; otherwise, reply directly to the ASPE member by copying and pasting the e-mail from their signature.
  9. Administration questions and inquiries regarding membership should be sent to [email protected].


NOTE! If you do not wish to receive these emails, please log in to your ASPE member profile. Under the "My Features" tab you will select "E-lists". There you will see the "Member Listserve." To continue to have access to the messages online, but not receive emails directly to your Inbox, you will want "Subscribed" turned "ON" and "Email Delivery" turned "OFF." This will enable you to view and respond to messages when it is the best time for you. You will simply log in, go to the same "E-lists" page and click on the "Member Listserve" to review.

Click here to download the guidelines.

The University of Washington hosts an SP Trainer Listserv, which members can subscribe or unsubscribe to by going to their profile here, and going under "My Features" then "E-Lists". Guidelines for the use of the archive can be found here.