Core Curriculum

ASPE’s Core Curriculum provides education on fundamental knowledge and skills for Standardized Patient Educators. The Core Curriculum is intended to inform educators on best practices in SP-based education, grounded in ASPE’s standards of practice.

Modules Include:

    • Foundations of SP Methodology – Best Practices and Essential Skills
      • History of SP Methodology
      • Case and Checklist Development
      • Training Standardized Patients
      • Feedback Techniques
      • Techniques to Debrief SPs
    • Foundations of SP Methodology – Best Practices in Administration
      • Recruiting, Interviewing and Maintaining
      • Strategic Management of an SP Program
      • Designing Policies and Procedures
      • Knowledge Management & Data Considerations

Additional Modules

      • History Taking skills for SP Educators
      • Basics of Research/Scholarship

These modules will be delivered to the ASPE membership through presentations at the annual conference, through webinars, and soon to come webmodules!