Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice Committee

Mission Statement:

To promote social justice within educational and healthcare professions and institutions to address systemic social inequities and acknowledge dignity in others. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas that can impact social change within healthcare education and practice.

Vision Statement:

To imagine a world where all people are treated equitably in education and healthcare. To seek out partnerships and practice collaboration.

Core Values:

  • Support human rights and speak out against their violations
  • Advocate for diversity
  • Act with integrity and respect
  • Integrate innovative and ethical practices
  • Conduct responsible and ethical research
  • Advocate for those who are marginalized or under-represented
  • Learn how to be an ally
  • Seek practical involvement at the local, national, and international levels
  • Stimulate curiosity and dynamic social change         

COMMITTEE CHAIR (2022-2023):

Jenna Ford Jackson, MLA, The University of Chicago Technological University, Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA 


Valina Peters
Karen Reynolds
Angie Gilbert
Kate Herriot
Nick Stancata
Temple West
Tia Andrighetti
Tim Dotson
Amy Rush
Melonie MacLeod
Lezlie Brooks
Ashira Greenberg
Jaquie Thillaye
Virginia Drda
Towanda Underdue
Lavern Wright
Kerry Knickle
KL Parr
Jacqui Dalhousie
Bethany J. Rocheleau
Vanessa Strickland
Jane Wickey
Esmira Yusufova
Kevin Hobbs
Pete Carver
Emma Vick
Gina Shannon
Mary Beth Shrader
Tameika Symonds
Nick Stancato
Jeanne Carey
Carla Mosley
Vanessa Sawson
Kathryn Bunting
Sheryl Pfeil
Catherine Gowl
Toni Errichetti