Grants & Research Committee

The Grants & Research (G&R) Committee works to advance scholarship in SP-based education.  The committee supports members in acquiring knowledge and experience in order to contribute to the field through research, dissemination of research, and education.

The committee’s Scholars Certificate Program provides members opportunities to develop foundational knowledge of SP-focused scholarship through the completion of a six-workshop series. 

The ASPE Research/Project Award promotes scholarship by providing funds for unique research or development projects in SP methodology. 


Jane Lindsay Miller, PhD: Committee Chair, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, [email protected] 


Lou Clark, PhD, MFA: Immediate Past Committee Chair, University of Minnesota, [email protected] 


Holly Gerzina, PhD, MEd, CHSE, Northeast Ohio Medical University 

Benjamin Blatt, George Washington University

Grant Cloyd

Shawn Galin, University of Alabama

Kevin Hobbs

Jacqueline Klevan, Jefferson University

Kerry Knickle, Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Nancy McNaughton, Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Cate Nicholas, University of Vermont

Darlene Parker, Vanderbilt University

Kris Roudebush, University of Kansas

Shirley McAdam,  CHSE, University of Vermont

Anne Swanson, Western University of the Health Sciences

Karen Szauter, University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston

Amy Thompson, University of Cincinnati

Tonya Thompson, University of Arkansas

Rachel Yudkowsky, University of Illinois at Chicago

Christina Wise

Kathleen Young

Brandon Mears

Gretchen Hoelscher


Committee Mission

  • Working to advance scholarship in SP education and supporting members in acquiring the knowledge and skills to contribute to the field.

Committee Goals Previous Year

  • Increase active membership of the G&R committee
    • 3 members added, including 1 international member
  • Promote and recognize scholarship amongst our general membership
    • Olivia Mittel, MD grant winner for 2016,  and 8 LOIs for 2017 cycle
  • Advertise and expand the educational offerings of the G&R committee members at our annual meeting
    • Robust scholarship certificate program.  At least 10 sessions offered by G&R members at the June meeting.  Presence of the “Lucy Booth” during afternoon breaks.


Committee Goals Upcoming Year

  • Further define and expand the scholarship certificate program; place on a rotating curriculum
  • Increase the grant awards and make them available to all members of ASPE
  • Continue to expand the active G&R membership and its involvement in conference programs
  • Better define grant criteria and expectations of “grant receivables”